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Whatever idea or project you want to build, our team of software engineers, developers, graphics and visual designers, UI/UX designers, fullstack developers and digital marketers are ready to take on your job.

The Thrillers Process


Request Quote

Start by telling us about your project. We'll ask about the project objectives, the budget, and expected duration for the project. We'll contact us within 24 hours.


Project Requirements

We'll collect detailed requirements of the projects and specific instructions. We'll list the requirements and request you to prioritize. Then, we'll turn that into a sprint backlog.


Testing & Development

Once the design is approved, a sprint is taken from the sprint backlog and the development team write tests and then codes to pass the tests, until end of a sprint.



At the end of each sprint, the code is reviewed and validated. At this point, we deploy a working version of the product for quick customer acceptance test.

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